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Since we, as homeschoolers, believe it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children, we at The Homeschooler’s Helper advise parents to personally check out all websites included here before allowing your children access to them. Some contain information that some parents may not want their children seeing. Only you can decide what is appropriate for your children. Home Page
Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers


This is a resource for helping parents of children with disabilities. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Special Education Program, through the Individuals with Disabilities Eduacation Act (IDEA). The Technical Assistance Alliance home page gives a concise overview of what the program is all about, where funding comes from, how the project is administered, and what they offer.

Basically, the Techinical Assistance Alliance exists to improve the relationship between parents and professionals to ensure the best training possible for children from infant age through teens. They have 106 parent centers across the country with one national and 6 regional centers. Extensive contact information is available on the home page for quick and easy access.

Most of the site contains links to many resources helpful to parents that have children with disabilities. Some of these include issues immingrants face, Education news, legislation, workshops, and research. There is also a curriculum page where materials may be ordered, to include handouts, flyers, overheads, power point teaching tools, and a newsletter. There is even a laminated map of the United States, showing the six regional centers, available.

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