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Since we, as homeschoolers, believe it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children, we at The Homeschooler’s Helper advise parents to personally check out all websites included here before allowing your children access to them. Some contain information that some parents may not want their children seeing. Only you can decide what is appropriate for your children. Home Page

Rating: provides worksheets for its members in just about every subject you could imagine, or at least it seems that way! It would take a long time to exhaust the resources at this site. Membership is around $20 annually for basic K-8 worksheets and $40 annually for access to everything on the site, K-12. School licenses are available to groups with a minimum of five teachers. (Details on the website.) This looks like a terrific site, particularly for educators who draw from a variety of curricula for schooling. Great for supplementing your current curriculum as well.

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