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A note to parents
Since we, as homeschoolers, believe it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children, we at The Homeschooler’s Helper advise parents to personally check out all websites included here before allowing your children access to them. Some contain information that some parents may not want their children seeing. Only you can decide what is appropriate for your children.

Internet Safety
Internet Safety

More than just internet safety, has lots of information for novice and expert alike. A Safe Kids newsletter and a place for technical questions, and other computer resources are available.
read more... is a public service website brought together by a wide range of corporations and public interest groups whose names are used in households in America every day. This coalition was formed to give people raising children guidance to using the Internet to the children’s safety and best interests.
read more... claims to be the world’s oldest and largest Internet safety organization. This site offers several free online classes and downloads about Internet use, its risks, and how to protect yourself, including follow-up discussions with CyberAngels volunteers.

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