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A note to parents
Since we, as homeschoolers, believe it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children, we at The Homeschooler’s Helper advise parents to personally check out all websites included here before allowing your children access to them. Some contain information that some parents may not want their children seeing. Only you can decide what is appropriate for your children.

HSLDA Home Page


The Home School Legal Defence Association is a non-profit organization vigilantly fighting for protection of the rights of home schoolers. HSLDA has its eyes open, ears peaked, nose to the wind and finger on the pulse of home school issues in the United States and also internationally. The web site specializes in legal information about getting started in home schooling, issues relevant to each state, and federal and international home school issues. E-lerts from HSLDA are available, keeping home schoolers up-to-date on news associated with home school freedoms. HSLDA supports home school associations with speakers for events, as well as encouraging home schoolers to speak up in the public arena. This Christian organization with 80,000 members is a strong voice of advocacy for home school families of any religion. The web site contains an issues library, a research section, support group services, HSLDA membership information and a bookstore. Other branches of HSLDA available from the site include: The National Center for Home Education (NCHE), The Home School Foundation (HSF), Patrick Henry College (PHC) and Generation Joshua.

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